Tippco Tin-Motorcycles Silver Racer motorcycle with sidecar, lithographed in silver

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Manufacturer: Tippco
Kind of toys: Tin Motorcycles
Item-Nr.: 595
Size: (LxWxT in inch)7,5"
Results: D Z2 1.235,00 2006 E Z 1.522,00 2007 E Z1+ 2.530,00 2007; E Z2+ 1.399,00 2012; B Z2 1.949,50 2013; E Z2 wb 1.660,00 2015; E Z2+ wb 1.891,00 2015; E Z2- 888,00 2015

Silver Racer motorcycle with sidecar, lithographed in silver, red, yellow, black and blue. The most interesting action: while the driver steers a comlplex left/right turn course, the passenger leans to counter the direction of the turn, exactly like in a sidecar race,

Picture from: koerber_toys



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