About us

At the beginning of the 21th century, I began collecting locomotives, wagons and railway stations. I quickly became enthusiastic about tin toys and tin figures.

Of course, I wanted to know what the individual exhibits are worth and how much I have to pay for an item in what condition and ultimately I wanted to buy originals and no replicas.

In the first year, I created a database for myself. I quickly realized that not only I have this problem, but everyone who starts collecting or just turns to a new collection area.

That's why I started creating a database on the internet. I do this in my free time and take over the pictures, texts and sales prices mainly from auctions but also from many other sites whose operators have allowed me to use them.

Special thanks to the people who help me with the maintenance and correction of the database.

If you are very well versed with a manufacturer or area, I and my millions of visitors would be very grateful to everyone for providing us with your knowledge, images and text for this database.