Alps Tin-Figures Over-the Field FOX HUNTING tin and celluloid wind up toy. "M

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Tin Figures

Over-the Field

ca. 1930

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D 10,8 H 12,7

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Over-the Field FOX HUNTING tin and celluloid wind up toy. "MADE IN JAPAN" and "TRADE MARK CK" is also printed on the label with the ck being inside a diamond shape. The horse & rider, as well as the two dogs and the fox, are made of celluloid. The small plate that the horse is mounted on and the base that holds the wind up mechanism are made of tin; the base having a cardboard bottom. The words "MADE IN JAPAN" are stamped on the bottom; there is a small stain on the cardboard bottom. The two dogs and the fox are mounted on heavy gauge green wire and pivot freely on their wheels. When wound the dogs and fox rotate around the base, come to an abrupt stop, reverse direction, and the chase begins again. Sometimes the fox swings wide and runs in line with the dogs, sometimes the dogs are chasing the fox, and sometimes it appears as if the fox is chasing the dogs. The wire arms that hold the dogs and the fox have a combined length of approximately 25,4 cm from the base. English Patent No. 7268

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Alps Over-the Field FOX HUNTING tin and celluloid

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