Althof Bergmann & C0 Steam-Vehicles Transitional pumper, this exceptional pumper with all origin

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Althof Bergmann & C0

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Transitional pumper, this exceptional pumper with all original untouched paint is the mate to the pumper pictured on the front cover of the Barenholtz book. This particular toy could be purchased with horses or, as in this case, without. Back in the 1880s there was a shift and the automotive age started to erupt in America. This toy, as well as the real life vehicles was driven by steam. Toy makers were constantly updating, keeping up to date with real life technology. Toy makers artistic flare was again at play here as the fanciful design barely resembled the real things but retained all the necessary details of the real fire pumper, yet exaggerated, more form than function. Often this is the charm of American tin toys as opposed to European design that was more scale model-like. This pumpers many details are fantastic, featuring cast piping, ringing bell activated by clockwork mechanism, wooden steam dome, ornate cast flywheels, japanned sides, clockwork mechanism chassis with a removable fireman (painted dark blue with red helmet) sitting up front and another fireman (painted green and yellow) standing on the rear step. One wonders why the firemen have skirted tunics. The extra stamped tin fire hats on their heads was a clever way to change a standard figure to a fireman.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME

Althof Bergmann & C0 507/1 Transitional pumper

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