Archer Plastics Celluloid-Toys Archer Outer Space play set. Box features great space graphi

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Archer Plastics

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Celluloid Toys


ca. 1950

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box 68,6 x 31,8 x 12,7

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B Z2 1.189,00 2011

Archer Outer Space play set. Box features great space graphics along with text including ?All Parts Easily Assembled By The Junior Spaceman Mechanic". Set consists of very nicely illustrated tin lithographed panels that form to assemble the spaceport which features observation tower, elevator and launching platform. These pieces include illustrations of spacemen operating various equipment, working on rocketship, etc. There are a pair of 14? long hard plastic rockets, one yellow and the other red. Yellow rocket is VG while red rocket is VF. There are ten 4? tall hard plastic figures including 8 spacemen complete with removable helmets and the 2 robots. A total of six different style figures but duplicate figures in different colors.

Picture from: Morphy Auctions 2000 North Reading Road Denver PA 17517 USA phone: 1-717-335-3435

Archer Plastics Archer Outer Space play set

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