Avis Lee Dolls Hand-Carved doll Tom Sawyer wood & cloth, signed TAG. TOM SA

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Avis Lee

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Dolls Dolls


ca. 1950

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H 25,4

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E z2 347,50 2011

Hand-Carved doll Tom Sawyer wood & cloth, signed TAG. TOM SAWYER has a hand-carved wooden head with quite impish expression. The wrist-tag is printed: ?An Original // Avis Lee // DOLL?, hand-written & signed by the artist on the back: ??TOM SAWYER? // The lovable character from Mark Twain?s immortal story ?Tom Sawyer? // Avis Lee // Chicago?. Tom?s face is hand-painted with black wide-open eyes, freckles, ruddy nose and cheeks and smiling mouth ? his little carved ears are even tipped with red (sunburn!); hair is yellow cotton yarn. The cloth body has mitten hands ? the left holding his big paintbrush full of white-wash, also hand-carved! His legs are long and hes outgrowing his pants, which have a patched knee and a lot of white-wash splatter. His polka-dot shirt has a sailor collar and he wears red suspenders, a jaunty cap with visor and tassel, feet are shod in brown felt ankle-boots

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