Excelsior Manufacturing Co. Dolls_Accessories Character oak cook stove. This stove has his name cast

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Excelsior Manufacturing Co.

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Dolls Dollhouse Accessories


ca. 1880

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50,8 x 30,5 x 38,1

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D Z1-2 591,00 2013

Character oak cook stove. This stove has his name cast into it on the long narrow doors. The top is marked #103. The small doors on the front are marked Charter Oak 1885. Later versions of this stove are numbered 503 and Charter Oak. Many of the later models have no reference to G.F. Filley, as this one is marked. This is one of those stoves that is hard to call just a toy or to call a true salesman sample. I believe stoves like this were primarily meant to be store display models. Perhaps they were carried about to stores and shops to show shopkeepers the latest in the maker's line, but I am pretty sure nobody was carrying stoves like this door to door to try and sell. His is one of the earliest Filley marked Charter Oak stoves

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