Can I buy the exhibits?
No! Historytoy is a database and not a shop.
You can buy and sell through our forum.

What are the exhibits worth?
You can find the us known selling prices in the past for each exhibit in the description under results:

The first letter indicates where it was sold:
E = ebay
D = direct sales
B = auction
The Z with the letter shows the state:
Z0 = mint
Z1 = pristine
Z2 = excellent
Z3 = good
Z4 = hobbyist quality
R = restored
PR = professionally restored

Sometimes still behind
wb = with box
wrb = with repro box

Then comes the sales price in EUR
Then comes the sales year

I have found a mistake; what should I do?
Please tell us what is wrong. Therfor you can click next to the description on the button "Question on item" and tell us what we should change.

Can you add my exhibits to the database?
If you send us exhibits that were made before 1950 and we do not have them in the database yet, then you are welcome to send us your pictures and desciptions via our form.