Fife Engineering Company Tin-Automata Dining monkey electric window automaton. When mains power co

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Fife Engineering Company

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Tin Automata


ca. 1948

Size (LxWxH in inch):

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30,5 x 26,5 x 53,5

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Dining monkey electric window automaton. When mains power connected, the monkey springs in to life, with head moving to the left, opening eyes and lifting spoon in right hand to mouth, the mouth then opens and closes quickly along with eyes opening and closing, finishing with the spoon returned to the plate on the table in front of him and the monkey attracting the waiter's attention by banging the knife in his left hand repeatedly on the table, then starting over from the beginning. The monkey with heavy and detailed composition head and hands, with faux fur hair and further facial hair, dressed in patterned red and blue smoking jacket over cream collarless shirt and matching trousers, black shoes, the circular table with floral embroidery, on green damask covered base with gold tassel trim to top and matching trim to base, on ball feet, base containing dynamo motor drive and six action cam rod stack.

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Fife Engineering Company Dining monkey electric window automato

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