Handwerck Heinrich Dolls Porcelain head doll with a crank head bisque with brown slee

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Handwerck Heinrich

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Dolls Dolls

69 4

ca. 1910

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D Z2 375,00 2001

Porcelain head doll with a crank head bisque with brown sleep eyes made of glass (single mechanism works perfectly, eyelids still well preserved), original pierced ears, open mouth with teeth top and tongue, old guard and old mohair wig, her head was inspected: there were no damages, hairline cracks or discovered similar, the ear holes and the neck crank are without flaking, marked: 69 Germany Handwerck 4, on probably original, well-preserved jointed body made ??of wood and composition, old dressed in a beautifully preserved overdress a little thicker fabric (for this doll long), a long dress under (angegilbt stronger in the upper range), another petticoat and a long underwear (silk or satin) and younger stockings and to a pretty old hood

Handwerck Heinrich 69 4 Porcelain head doll with a crank head

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