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Manufacturer: Hoffmann G.

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Dolls Dollhouses


ca. 1893

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Doll's house lithographed. The house exists from a room box with decorated front ends that are preserved in their original color. Inside it is equipped with the original wallpaper for wall and floor. There are two window sections at the back wall. The room is crowned from one, typically wonderfully in many colors lithographed and very decorative louver, that is united with the doll's house in front by means of a peg. The roof exists of a held from a wood frame, lithographed thick cardboard, The room itself has two rooms that are separate of a wall a little put back. The wood parts are held by hand-forged nails. Outside the case is decorated with an ancient, brownish brick wallpaper, In the rooms stand three completely decorative, lithographed cupboards of cardboard. For this purpose an also lithographed chest. As a supplement some wooden furniture from the time and an old sheet doll stove with beautiful lithography that is required also originally possibly find themselves in the doll's house. The stove has a tube to which, however, the crown got lost. The case is conically tailored. The length is behind 56 cm, in front 66 cm. The depth is 43 cm and the height without roof approx. 31,5 cm. The roof must be included with 43 cm.

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Picture from: Linn Karlsson

Hoffmann G. Dollhouse

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