Johillco John Hill Cast-Iron Figures Set of space figures of diecast, set consists of 24 figures,

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Johillco John Hill

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Cast-Iron Figures

space figures


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box 45,7 x 24,8

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B Z2-3 6.370,00 2011

Set of space figures of diecast, set consists of 24 figures, including two scare purple robots. Figures are still attached to their original cardboard insert, although some may have been reattached with string. 14 space men with original removable bubble helmets. Includes very scarce original box marked "Johillco Made in England" with beautiful paper label showing space scene on top and partial F.A.O. Schwarz price sticker on side apron. This set was probably made for export out of England. Pictured on page 111 of "Blast Off" by Mark Young, Steven Duin, and Mike Richardson.

Picture from: Morphy Auctions 2000 North Reading Road Denver PA 17517 USA phone: 1-717-335-3435

Johillco John Hill Set of space figures of diecast

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