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ca. 1920

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H 45,7

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Kamkins girl, original mohair wig, coat and hat, vintage dress, Louise Kampes made some of the finest hand-painted cloth dolls of the 1920s. Doll with mohair wig, and nice green coat with matching hat; a late-1920s vintage calico dress and one-piece chemise/panty are underneath. Her face is lovely with marine-blue eyes, red-brown lid-lines, and light brows to match her honey-blonde wig (wig a little thin in front, which hat covers); rosy cheeks and sweet almost-smiling coral mouth make her irresistible. The firmly cotton-stuffed cloth body has lightly-painted mitten hands with stitched fingers, a swivel neck and stitched joints at shoulders and hips (right ankle has very old stitching to re-attach foot will be covered by her antique shoes and socks). Absolutely a very darling Kamkins

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Kampes Louise Kamkins girl

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