Railway Highway Subway Marklin

Below is a list of Marklin highway and subway trains. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these direction indicator, please use our

Gauge 0

1067/0 1070 3070 13070 1072 1070/72G 3070/72G 13070/72G 01090yellow 01090green 01090red 1096yellow 1096green 1096red 3190yellow 3190green 3190rot 3190EB


Gauge 1

S3081 S3081EB 3441 1087 1087EB 3091yellow 3091green 3091red 3091EB RHU64/13021/35/3 RHU64/13021/35/3 RHU1935 RHU61/13021

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