Rouillet & Decamps Tin-Automata Pig #651 walking and squealing hog automaton. When wound and

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Rouillet & Decamps

Kind of Toys:
Tin Automata


ca. 1890s

Size (LxWxH in inch):
L 9,5" H 4,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
L 24 H 11,5 cm

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E Z3 610,00 2009; D Z1-2 3.680,00 2013; B Z2 827,50 2018

Pig #651 walking and squealing hog automaton. When wound and start/stop lever actuated, the pig immediately walks forward whilst shaking head from side-to-side and squealing with two slow and three fast phrases during the entertaining performance, with all four legs realistically choreographed for the naturalistic motion, squealer diaphragm for sound, natural cream hide with light bleaching for skin, rib form detail to body, bone tusks to closed mouth and large nose stump, glass eyes, head finished with pink ribbon tied with a bow to top, curly tail, on spur wheels to legs for forward ratchet action, wound by period key to side, start/stop to underside

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Rouillet & Decamps 651 Automaton Pig

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