Scherf Paul Dolls Bisque doll boy never undressed with perfect bisque head inc

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Scherf Paul

Kind of Toys:
Dolls Dolls


ca. 1890

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Bisque doll boy never undressed with perfect bisque head incised ?P 16/0?, with factory-set pale-blue paperweight eyes and brunette wig of mohair curls. His sweet face has feathered brows, all-around painted lashes softly rosy cheeks and open mouth with four teeny porcelain teeth. His wonderful composition body remains as though new and is still factory cord-strung; jointed at neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and hips. The sewn-on costume has a tucked shirt-front, green wool vest, navy wool jacket, sherpa fuzzy mohair over-vest, and velvet breeches. Silk ribbons trim vest edges, brass buttons close his pants and vest, with cotton knit socks and leather shoes lacing up his legs. A tiny Turkish-style silk cap with tassel completes his fine hand-stitched costume

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