Steiner Jules Nicholas Tin-Automata Walking automaton, this walking fashion doll is 100% origina

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Steiner Jules Nicholas

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Tin Automata

29 10 67


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B Z2 3.209,50 2007

Walking automaton, this walking fashion doll is 100% original including dress, wig, and even has the paper label on the cardboard cover of the mechanism which reads "Livre le 29-10-67.J. Steiner, fabricant, Rue de Saintonge, No 25 a Paris, Prisette, imp, pass. Du Caire 17". The doll consists of a pressed bisque shoulderhead with blue paperweight eyes, open mouth with two rows of tiny teeth, original dark blonde curly wig over cork pate, and bisque forearms which raise and lower as the mechanism is wound and the doll walks across the floor. The head is mounted to a cardboard slender torso which widens to form the base of the automaton which conceals the clockwork mechanism.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME

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