Wilesco Steam Toys-Horizontal Steam Engines Typical wilesco layout. Boiler to the left and agreggate

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Steam Toys Horizontal Steam Engines


ca.1960er - ca. 1970

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53 x 43 x 39

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Typical wilesco layout. Boiler to the left and agreggate to the right. Twin fixed double acting Cylinder. Two flywheels. Water level glas in the boiler front. Drain valve. Steam Whistle. Governer connected to revolution counter. The steam jet oiler, the steam valve, the pressure gauge, a revolution counter, a control lever for switching the transmission on or off and a control hand wheel for the pump are built into a control panel mounted on the aggregate base between the cylinders. Two ladders on the front of the boiler house. Railing right an behind, respectively left and behind the two flywheels and railings on both runways at the boiler house. Transmission with clutch behind the right cylinder. Pump driven by an excenter rod behind the left cylinder. The pump can be used as boiler feed pump. Removeable condensate tray made of metal sheet below the control panel. Movable firebox door. The boiler is silver soldered and has an insultion casing. Steam dome at the boiler top. Not removeable water reservoir for the pump below the right cylinder. Flywheel 2 x 10 cm

Picture from: www.klaus-dampfkeller.de + www.dorenbach.ch

Wilesco D32 Horizontal Steam Engine

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