Arnold Military-Vehicles Military jeep predominating of wood (chassis), the wheels fr

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820 P


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Military jeep predominating of wood (chassis), the wheels from plastic (blackly painted). Axes, wind shield, steering wheel and single small hardware items are of metal. Also a radio equipment is next to the back seat bank. In total the model is extremely detailed: Gear lever, pedals, speedometers, many holders, trailer coupling etc. are available. The front axis is inflexible (not steerable) the wheels can turn (yet without drive). The|whole manufacturing including painting and lettering occurred very extensively and almost to 100 % in handwork. Hood, wind frontage protection as well as both seats are folding. On the back number-shield stands 820 P. On the vehicle underside is punched the inscription "Made in Germany". Unfortunately the jerrican, front bumper and the rear part of the left fender are missing. Resemble strongly the model 2600

arnold 820 p military toy jeep wood

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