Unknown Tin-Automata European automaton monkey with violine mounted and revolves

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Tin Automata

Affe mit Violine


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D 26,7 H 48

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European automaton monkey with violine mounted and revolves upon a velvet covered base that houses a fabulous music box with a clockworkt motor inside of his papier mache torso and rabbit fur covered body that drives his movements. When wound the monkey will raise and lower his right arm to play the violin, turn his head from left to right, and open and close his mouth. His winding shaft is under his right arm just above his waist and his start/stop lever is on his back. This impressive mechanical primate has glass eyes, a leather face, ivory or bone teeth, nicely detailed hand carved hands and feet, and that beautiful original long red coat! This very fancy cotton coat is lined inside and features a beautiful gold rope trim work adorning the front and back of the coat including the cuffs and pocket flaps. The monkey is mounted to a small circular platform under which is a receiver that slides onto a revolving shaft in the center of the base. The monkey was designed to be easily separated from and placed back on to the base. Base contains a separate fan governed clockwork mechanism that rotates the monkey on his pedestal and also drives the cylinder and comb music box. The winding shaft for the base clockwork is located on the top of the base next to the opening where the monkey rotates. There are two brass tabs sticking out at the lower side of the base; the first tab on the left side (when the tabs are facing away from you) will stop and start the rotation, the second tab will stop and start the music box. The comb on the music box is marked with what appears to be an x with the right to bottom line being much heavier. Perhaps the maker is Phalibois who used a similar designed round base under a few of their automata.

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Picture from: Photo courtesy of www.AntiqueToysAndAutomata.com

automaton monkey with violine

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