Barrois E. Dolls French poupee, doll with swivel neck on a separate bisque sh

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Barrois E.

Kind of Toys:
Dolls Dolls


ca. 1870

Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
38 cm

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B Z3 1.605,00 2007

French poupee, doll with swivel neck on a separate bisque shoulder plate has the finest pale bisque, with delicately shaded painting of the mouth, cobalt blue paperweight eyes, well-painted eye lashes and feathered brows, pierced-in ears, and although the head is unmarked, she has the following mark on the front of the shoulder plate which is impressed "E DEPOSE 2 B". She is mounted on an all kid firm white body with individually stitched fingers, wears a period chemise, underwear, and leather fashion boots, and a blonde mohair wig which has been braided and sits high off the neck. The antique straw and cloth flower fashion bonnet and ivory binoculars are the period of the doll, and has been long-ago re-costumed, in a two-piece walking suit that appears antique.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME

barrois e epeose 2  b poupee doll swivel neck

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