Borgfeldt George & Co Tin-Toys Mickey and Minnie mouse playland of tin and celluloid, wind-

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Borgfeldt George & Co

Kind of Toys:
Tin Toys


ca. 1931

Size (LxWxH in inch):

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L 25,4 H 26,7

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D Z2 3.271,50 2013

Mickey and Minnie mouse playland of tin and celluloid, wind-up toy, has also the CK (Karamuchi) trademar logo on one side of the canopy and on the cover of the box. The repro box has a beautiful image of the toy with a checkered globe design that reads ?my friend? in the center of the globe. Mickey and Minnie are both made of celluloid. They each balance on a celluloid ball on a candy cane tube. Mickey Mouse holds a bell and Minnie holds a metal ring. Both figures have ?Made in Japan? imprinted on the celluloid balls they stand on. When wound, the tube swings back and forth as Mickey and Minnie spin above.

Picture from: Cliff Olsen

borgfeldt george & co tin toy mickey and minnie mouse playland of tin and celluloid, wind-

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