Boucher H.E. MFG. Co. Wood-Ships Steam speedboat. Believed to be the largest of the live stea

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Boucher H.E. MFG. Co.

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Steam speedboat. Believed to be the largest of the live steam boats Boucher manufactured to run in a pond or lake. An amazing boat with a most complex live steam mechanism. In the center of the boat is the live steam plant complete with gauge and copper interior piping in a hollow cylinder affair. Steam plant is marked accordingly on rear. In front of the steam plant is an elaborate cylinder drive mechanism for the shaft, which runs approximately 24" extending to the propeller. More interesting though is the compressed air cylinder directly behind the steam plant when pumped up with air, it shoots compressed air into the center core of the steam plant, shooting cool air over the copper tubing. The boat itself is constructed of mahogany topside decking and windshield. The hull and sides are constructed of painted wood while transom and rudder are mahogany as well. Elaborate nickel plated brass fittings to control the steering and rudder are intact. Interior is similar in construction to a real boat with a framework every six to eight inches attached to the hull and sides. A most impressive and elephantine sized boat, reminiscent of the speedboats that used to carry passengers from Long Island to the financial district of Lower Manhattan in the 1930s. This boat is more than likely a copy of a real speedboat of the time period, Boucher was known for emulating real life in regards to the toys they produced.

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME

boucher he mfg co wooden toy ship steam speedboat. believed to be the largest of the live stea

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