Bowman (Luton) Steam Toys-Horizontal Steam Engines Bowman Models in Luton are often confused with th

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Bowman (Luton)

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Steam Toys Horizontal Steam Engines

PW 201

ca. 1948

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Bowman Models in Luton are often confused with the original company of the same name in Derham. The Luton company started long after the Dereham company closed down. The founder purchased the rights to the name and trade marks, but that is the only connection between the two. The PW201 has a horizontal boiler (4 3/16" x 1 3/4" diam.). It is fired by a meths burner with the wick inside a slotted tube, which is similar to the Dereham Bowman style but with several slots across the width of the tube instead of one along the length. The firebox is, unusually, made of aluminium. This was used, presumably, for ease of bending. Unfortunately, this also means that it unavoidably distorts as the screw holding the boiler strap is tightened. The steam feed pipe exits from a dome at the top of the boiler. This feeds, via a removable coupling, to the single acting oscillating cylinder (5/16" diam. x 5/8" stroke), directly coupled to a pin on the flywheel. The crank shaft has a small 3/8" diam, pulley. The steam exhaust is fed to the bottom of the chimney, which fits on the steam dome on the boiler. The metal base is 5" x 4 1/2", with Meccano standard holes round it s perifery. It has felt feet attached at the corners by rivets. I m not sure if these are original.

bowman (luton) PW 201 horizontal steam toy bowman models in luton are often confused with the original

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