Büchner Maria Catharina Tin-Fire-Truck Fire engine, Fireman hand pump, handpainted in red and black

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Büchner Maria Catharina

Kind of Toys:
Tin Vehicles-Fire Trucks



Size (LxWxH in inch):
8,865" x 3,35" x 6,69"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
22,5 x 8,5 x 17 cm

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E Z3- 310,00 2017

Fire engine, Fireman hand pump, handpainted in red and black with black arrows, points, large X'en and branches, unrestored original condition, the connection for the seesaw was possibly re-attached with some soldering tin, fully functional, original hose missing, many lacquer damage The intended use with water, probably made by Maria Catharina Büchner around 1813/20, so very old and rare, see "Cieslik, encyclopedia of the German metalworking industry", p.88 the very similar fire-brigade spray on wheels and with drawbar (with fig.): "22 cm, is described As a fire brigade, probably around 1813/20, and thus one of the oldest, grounded (ground) metal toys from Nuremberg's Flaschner workshop, it is listed in the price list of the Maria Catharina Büchner, the Marking MCB is shown separately. "This here and the reference are very similar, almost equal size 22.5 cm or 22 cm, black arrows from the edges, at the end of the arrows 4 black dots or 3 black dots, the sides and the covers of the tanks each painted with large black X, a similar Fire from Rock & Graner (Lexikon der deutschen Blechspielzeugindustrie, p. 357, and in Groß: Levitt, The world of antique toys, p.170, 29 cm, ca.1870) has a much finer painting, and thus also separates as other manufacturers, such as Plank, Staudt, Bing, Märklin, much more hand painted by hand, this fire department with hand pump can be viewed in a Youtube video under the 'wrong' company name Rock & Graner: 'Rock & Graner firepump - Youtube' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xbOEUHoNqE

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Picture and text from: Jörg Muncke

buechner maria catharina tin toy fire engine hand pump

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