Burnac Steam-Toys-Vertical-Steam-Engines This engine is quite small, the height being 230mm with a 9

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Kind of Toys:
Steam Toys Vertical-Steam-Engines



Size (LxWxH in inch):
4,625" x 3,75" x 9"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
11,8 x 9,5 x 23,1 cm

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D R 65,5 2010

This engine is quite small, the height being 230mm with a 95mm diameter base.The base is a solid alloy casting, with "A Burnac Product made in England" cast into the bottom. The vertical boiler is 63mm diameter x approx 90mm. The barrel of the boiler extends down to form the firebox, so the position of the bottom of the boiler is not visible from outside. This gives a clean and uncluttered appearance.
The boiler is a single flue vertical type with the burner gasses exiting through the chimney (but not the steam exhaust). There is a safety valve on top of the boiler. The water gauge glass is of the "U" tube type behind an all-round brass protector.
Steam exits the top of the boiler through a union nut and via a short pipe to the engine block. The single acting oscillating cylinder is 8mm diameter x 14mm stroke. A screw exhaust throttle valve is built into the engine block.
The crankshaft is fixed horizontally to the firebox side. It has a disk crank at one end and a 47mm diameter flywheel on the other.

burnac vulcan vertical steam toy engine

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