Chad Valley Co Ltd. Tin-Automata A rare Peter Pan oatmeal double Monkey automaton, previous m

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Chad Valley Co Ltd.

Kind of Toys:
Tin Automata



Size (LxWxH in inch):

Size (LxWxH in cm):
58 x 20 x 53

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B Z1 556,50 2008

A rare Peter Pan oatmeal double Monkey automaton, previous models known have only featured one Monkey, British, a fine quality item being one of only fourteen manufactured by Chad Valley and the Fife Engineering Company, pair of seated monkeys, cast aluminium heads, partially covered with leather and coney, amber and black eyes, opening mouths with teeth, wire body and cast alloy hands and feet, clothed in white pyjamas, dressing gowns and tartan tam o shanters, seated on wooden box at rectangular table, plastic cups and saucers, plates, each holding spoon in right hand, one holds "Peter Pan" Scotch Oats in left hand, other holding cup, whole item seated on highly polished steel and wooden box which houses mechanism, mains operated, arms raise to top flag on table, the heads move from side to side and up and down, whilst winking, raising arms to opening mouths, as if eating oats and drinking, unit untested, clothing a little discoloured/worn

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