Christian A. Wood-Toys Amercian painted velcipede, exceptional three wheel painted

Item number: Velcipede (53296)

Category: Christian A.


Christian A.

Kind of Toys:
Wood Toys


ca. 1860

Size (LxWxH in inch):
34" x 21 x x 32"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
86,4 x 53,3 x 81,3 cm

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B Z1 28.222,50 2015

Amercian painted velcipede, exceptional three wheel painted wood velocipede, features dramatic hand painted landscape scene on seat; hand propelled early example has blue spindle back seat, white handles with fine highlight striping and horse's head with leather ears and bridle dominating the center frame. Applied tin plaque on neck reads: "A. Christian, Manufacturer; New York City, Patented April 2nd 1860." Featured full page example in "The Rocking Horse" book by Patricia Mullins. One of the finest examples ever found, truly Americana at its best.
Provenance: Ed Weinberg Collection, Alan Katz.

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