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Company history and description of the company Catterfelder Puppenfabrik

Catterfelder Puppenfabrik (1890s to 1930s) produced quality character dolls with most of their heads being made by Kestner. Also known as the doll factory of Carl Trautmann, and Richard Gross. Approx. 1890 the Catterfelder doll factory started the production.
They manufactured quality character dolls. Most heads are supplied by Kestner.
The company is also known as a doll factory Carl Traumann.
1906 Start-up of the former doll factory Carl Traumann by Hugo and Richard Groß.
1913 the factory is enlarged.
Typically are the baby character and character child dolls.
The form number 200 copies the Kaiser baby from Kammer & Reinhardt (100 series).

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