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Company history and description of the company Anger & Moehling aus Aich, Karsbad in Böhmen

1848 A.C . Meadow foundet his china factory.
The company very often changed the holder.
Off approx. at the end of 1900 M.J Möhling became properties and the company was called Anger & Moehling
In 1918 the company was known as Aich, Menzel & Company or PorzellanfabrikAich.
In 1918 began the production of bisque head dolls with mass bodies.
Produced were dolls of porcelain, doll heads and bath dolls.
In 1932 the company was closed.
Trademarks were ?AeM Austria? or ?A&M Austria? and were confused therefore often with the dolls of Armand Marseille that has however, no "&" in their sign. The mark 1904 on the dolls is not the production year but a mold number. "Eduardo Juan" is presumed another trademark, that was used as Eduard wolf was holder of the company.
Hey produced dolls in sizes of 35,5 to 61 cm.

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