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Company history and description of the company Alama Baby Dolls

1904-1932 the Ella Gauntt Smith Doll company produced the Alabama Indestructible Dolls, also referred to as Alabama Baby dolls or Ella Smith dolls in Roanoke, Alabama.
The all cloth dolls are 12 to 27" tall, have a molded face with oil painted facial features.
Early dolls have applied ears, later dolls ears were molded, wigged or painted hair, tabbed joint sturdy cloth body, most dolls have painted stockings with painted shoes in black, bright blue, brown or pink, but some dolls have bare feet with stitched toes.
Alabama Indestructible dolls were made in both black or white, as babies or children, boys or girls.
They are often marked as follows:
Pat. Nov. 9, 1912, No.1 or 2, Ella Smith Doll Co or
Mrs. S.S. Smith Manufacturer of and dealer in The Alabama Indestructible Doll Roanoke, Ala. Patented Sept. 26, 1905.

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