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Company history and description of the companya Karl Arnold GmbH & Co KG, Nuremberg, Germany

On 04.10.1906 the company Karl Arnold GmbH & Co KG , Nuremberg Germany is founded. Karl Arnold begins with the production of toys. He developed a patent for cradle- flints , which spray sparks which he almost build in anywhere (cars , trains, tanks, motorcycles, ships, etc. ) .
From 1910, the operating models which initially were hand painted are lithographed.
After the production after the first world war was resumed very successful low-cost operating models and sheet metal ships were produced.
1928 the company had 250 employees , more establishments have been established.
1935 Arnold's son Chr Max Ernst joined in the management.
All three Nuremberg farms had been destroyed in World War II , only the operation in Mühlhausen had remained undestroyed . There began in November 1945 the production of window fittings and very slowly the toy production . Now the Jeep " Mac 700 " and the crank remote control was developed , which led the company into a huge success
1960 began the shipping of the electric railway with a gauge of 9 mm ( N-gauge ) . Approximately 75 % smaller as the HO track. The production shifted entirely to the railway program with appropriate accessories .
1997, the company is taken over by Rivarossi the brand name remains a part of the N scale production of Rivarossi is transferred to the Arnold program .
2001, the production of Mühlhausen moved to Como.
2006 Hornby breathed life back to Arnold, which now also produce and sell products Jouef and Lima.


vor 1945
ab 1960

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