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Company history and description of the company MTM British Metal & Toy Manufacturers, Britain

In September 1914, the company BMTM was founded . With a capital of £ 35,000 , it was one of the largest companies in the UK.
1915 the office were at Adrey House Holburn Ely Place , London while the factory itself was at Clissold Park, Hackney
In 1919 the company was at 153 Green Lanes , Stoke Newington, N16 .
With the outbreak of the First World War almost no toy was imported from Germany . The toy was coming from America and Japan.
Through the import Act of 1916 , the toy had to be produced mainly in the UK. From some letters of the company British Metal & TOY they formed the brand name " BRIMTOY ".
1917 many smaller toy manufacturers had to stop production because there was too little capital , rosing labor costs, a lack of skilled workers and the export was non-existent.
1918 after the war, the toy industy recovered very quickly. The boom did not last long and in mid- 1921, Britain fall in a deep depression. So the British Metal & Toy Manufacturer was liquidated in 1921.

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