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Company history and description of the company Bassett- Lowke & Coin Northampton Engand

1899 Wenman J. Bassett Lowke founded together with a friend the company Basset Lowke Northampton Coin & Engand. They wanted to produce high-quality but low-cost products.
1901 began the production of trains. In the first catalog of 1901 also products of the Bing, Carette and Plank companies were offered.
After the First World War, they again came in relations with Bing.
In 1953 Wenman Bassett Lowke died.
1965 the company was sold at Beatties.
In 1968 the production was resumed, unfortunately without much success.
1996 Corgi bought the brand name and took on the 100th anniversary of the original company's production of the locomotives. Today, individual locomotives gauge 0 are produced.


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