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Company history and description of the company Hans Biller Germany

1937 founded the former employees of the company Bing Hans Biller his company Hans Biller, he started to prduce plastic sheet soldiers and the HABI Patent ago 365 airmen.
After the war the company was known for the high quality Clockwork Loren train as used in brickworks been. In addition, properly fighting boxer, hatching chicks, lots of planes, helicopters and excavators were produced.
1948 is the beginning of the so-called Billerbahn. Initially, the locomotives have no idle in the movement and the handle bars used are made ??of steel wire, which were later replaced by aluminum. In the first 1 to 2 years, the locomotives and locomotive shed were given a clear lacquer coating which mostly gives the products a slightly yellowed character. This technique was abandoned about 1950.
In April 1977, the company goes bankrupt.
1978 the company Tucher and Walther buys the bankruptcy estate.


vor 1945
nach 1945

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