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Company history and description of the company Gebr. Bing, Nuremberg, Germany

In 1863 the "Nürnberger Metallfabrik Gebrüder Bing" was founded by the brothers Ignaz and Adolf Bing, but the latter withdrew soon. Ignaz took over the management of the company . It was initially an acting company which sold game and household goods.
1879 he began setting up ist own factory building in which the production was recorded two years later. The company is changed to "Nürnberger Spielwarenfabrik Gebrüder Bing".
On 01/01/1895 the company was transformed into a corporation and operated under "Nürnberger Metall- und Lackwarenfabrik vorm. Gebr. Bing AG"
1906 the company say in a supplement catalog " to be the largest toy factory in the world " and to employ 3,000 people , which increased in 1914 to 5,000 employees. The products were sold throughout Europe and the USA.
1914 with the outbreak of the war the production changed to helmets, canteens , military cookware and knapsacks , but in the last years of the war they again started with the production of peace products.
On 25.03.1918 Ignaz Bing died in Nuremberg.
1919 the company operates under " Bing Werke AG". Chairman was Stephen Bing, the son of one of the two founders .
On 03/25/1918 Ignaz Bing died in Nuremberg.
1912-1930 2 children sewing machines were manufactured. A very small in several different versions as drive model and the Bing No. 10
1919-1932 new companies have been acquired and the company had nearly 16,000 employees. There came also a doll factory and a trading company for the distribution added .
Bing copied the popular dolls from Kathe Kruse and sells them under the name "Imitation of Kathe Kruse dolls ." Kähte Kruse sued and won in 1925 the process.
08.24.1932 mainly because of the confusing corporate structure and the global economy circles it coms to the compulsory settlement procedure. The toy factory was abandoned. The holding was sold to Messrs. Falk and Kraus. Bub bought the necessary railways of the tools as well as the sales organization and some stocks . Fleischmann bought the stocks of model ships. Fritz Hintermayr acquired the name and the gas boiler production.
1934 the company was dissolved.
Bing catalogs are extremely rare. If one is sold it almost always comes from the late 20 or early 30 's. The catalogs are black / white with the exception of the second trader catalog addendum from 1929. In this catalog , there are some innovations with color illustrations.


ca. 1902
1902 - 1906
ca. 1908-1925
ca. 1925 bis 1932
ca. 1902-190

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