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Company history and description of the company Boucher Manufacturing Company, New York, America

The Boucher Manufacturing Company was founded by H. E. Boucher (1874-1935) who was born in Italy.
1n the 1900's he created ship models.
1905 he established the Boucher model shops. With his idea of mass-producing cast fittings and selling kits to the general public he startes a new industry.
Today he is remembered as the last of the toymakers who produced Standad gauge.
The Boucher Manufacturing Company only made model ships previous to their 1923 purchase of Voltamp's line of trains. When Boucher bought the Voltamp line in 1923, they retained three of the five basic steam-type locomotives and dropped all Voltamp electric and trolley types. They also modified from 2" 2 rail to 2 1/8" 3 rail to be compatible with Lionel's Standard Gauge line.
In 1928, the factory and showroom was located at 152 Lafayette Street, New York City.
Boucher production initially consisted of the 3 steam outline locomotives - #2100, #2222, #2500, along with 8 different freight cars and 3 passenger cars. The passenger cars were a combine, a Pullman, and an observation car. These cars came painted in solid colors, but were available in either orange, green or red, with black roofs. The freight cars were a stake bed flat car, stock car, box car, hopper car, gondola, a dump car, tank car and caboose. The locomotives and the freight cars were built using wood for the steam chests and car frames. Trucks were made of cast iron and were highly detailed. Passenger car bodies were made of metal. These trains appeared far more prototypical and less toylike than the competition's Standard gauge offerings from that era.
. Boucher was the only manufacturer ever to catalog a six-wheel drive standard gauge locomotive. The famous 4-6-2 Boucher Deluxe can be called one of the top desirable classic trains of all time. This engine was the only Wide gauge steam outline locomotive to be equipped with twin motors. At 31 inches in length, the Boucher #2500 Deluxe loco & tender was also the longest consist of motive power to ride Standard Gauge rails during that era. A less expensive single motor version was also available.
In 1930 Boucher produced a set of 4 new longer and updated metal passenger cars built on stamped steel six wheel trucks. These cars were a combine, 2 pullmans, and an observation, painted in a high gloss Jersey Central blue and cream livery. The cars were offered in various sets, some sets came with three cars, some came with four cars. Some sets were headed by a #2500 in black paint. But one famous set was completed with a #2500 loco and tender also painted in blue, and is called the Boucher Blue Comet set. This set is often referred to as the 'King of Toy Trains'.
Boucher went out of the train manufacturing business in 1943.

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