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Company history and description of the company Bru, Jne & Cie, France

Bru Jne & Cie startet 1866 anc manufactured some of the most beautiful bisque dolls that have ever been made. Their dolls are commonly referred to as "Bru" dolls.
There are three basic types of Bru dolls;
1. Poupée de Mode or Lady Fashion Doll (literal translation is Doll of Fashion with a Lady body)
2. Bébé Bru doll (literal translation is Bru doll) on a kid leather body
3. Bru Doll with a wood and composition body

Some bisque heads were supplied to Bru Jne & Cie by Eugene Barrois. A Bru Oriental doll is usually marked Bru Jne.
After 1899 Bru Jne et Cie became a member of the Society Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets - SFBJ and continued to produce their Bru and Bébé dolls thru the mid 1920s.

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