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Company history and description of the company Karl Bub in Nuremberg, Germany

1851 the company Karl Bub in Nuremberg, Germany was founded by Sigmund Paulus Bub. Initially they produced painted tin toys with and without movement.
1905 starts the production of sheet metal railroads with and without clockwork and rails
1914 caused electric toy railways in cooperation with Carette
1926 starts the sale of so-called table rail in gauge width 24 mm; these are as . 3 -threshold rails and embankment track
1926-1939 went the gauge width of the table railway back from 24 to 16.5 mm.
1937/38 the company was sold to Keim & Co in order to escape the threat of expropriation. In 1945 after the Second world War Bub began with the development of gauge S ( 1:66 ) gauge width 22.5 mm but was discontinued after 10 years and had substantial losses .
1956 to 1958 began the development and distribution of the HO gauge . The so-called Kaufhaus railway was sold mainly through toys Wholesalers, mail order companies such as Bauer, Neckermann , Quelle, Schöpflin , Schwar , and department stores such as Karstadt , Kaufhof, Migros in Switzerland and V & D in the Netherlands.
1966, the company was dissolved.
2002 Bub appears again with models used in three scales , which has now focuses on 1:87 .


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