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Company history and description of the company CIJ Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet, Paris, France

1878 the company CIJ Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet , Paris, France was founded by Albert Migault and manufactures watches and jewelry for toy dolls.
From 1900 started the production of mechanical toys after submission of Fernand Martin, Charles Rossignol , Bing and Lehmann. 1910 starts the production of the circus with figures from sheet metal. Each machine and each character receives a very elegant dress .
1919 his son Albert take over the company . With him began the production of cars.
1922 starts the production of Citroen cars as toy cars.
1925 starts the production of other car brands such as Alfa Romeo.
1927 starts the production of the ICJ Compagnie Industrielle du Jouet is founded Citroen B14G Convertible .
1930 the Citroen is reduced and produced in 1:24 scale and further car models are produced.
1933 Citroen cars are produced from a mixture of plaster and more , but they are not very durable.
1935 the production of cars for Citroen has been set. 1937 Citroen let produce toy cars of the company JRD that belongs to a former employee of Migault, but must be set in 1963 of court. Migault begins with the production of toy cars for Renault .
1949 the production of all cars begins with Zamac an alloy of zinc , aluminum, magnesium and copper.
approx 1960 the production was stopped.
1965 the company will be dissolved.
In April 2007, the brand of the company NOREV ( DREAM TOYS ) revived with 15 models produced until the end of the year .


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