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Company history and description of the company Georges Carette, Nuremberg, Germany

In 1886, the company Georges Carette, Nuremberg Germany was founded by Frenchman Georges Carette and served initially as a supplier for Bing.
1893 he exhibited at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in front of his own electric-powered tram.
Paul Josephtal becomes business partner and uses his contact to produce locomotives and wagons for Bassett-Lowke.
1905 starts the production of clockwork driven cars, ships and airplanes and optical and technical toys.
With the beginning of the First World War Carette had to leave Germany as a Frenchman and moved to Paris, where he died in 1954. The company was continued by Paul Josephtal.
1917 Josephtal was drafted for military service and the company was closed. The facilities were taken over by a subsidiary of Bing.


erstes Zeichen vom Mai 1886, hat sehr viel Ähnlichkeit mit dem Bing Zeichen
1898-1904. ein verschlungenes ?G? und ?C? mit einem ?C? innen drin
1905 - 1914
frühes Zeichen

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