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Company history and description of the company Charles M. Bergmann of Waltershausen in Thuringa, Germany

In 1888 Charles M. Bergmann started with his doll company.
In 1909 he added a factory in Friedrichroda, Germany.
In 1931 he went bankrupt.
The dolls came in sizes from 13" to 34" tall, with composition ball jointed bodies and a bisque socket head or bisque shoulder head and kid body, supplied from other manufacturers like Armand Marseilles, Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, William Goebel, Simon & Halbig and others.
Bergmann also made papier mache dolls, kid leather bodied dolls, character baby dolls.
In the United States his dolls
were distributed by Louis Wolf & Co., who registered the dolls trademarks for them:
1913-1915 Baby Belle doll
1892-1917 Cinderella Baby doll
1904-1915 Columiba, Eleonore und Spezial doll
1926 My Gold Star doll

Doll size number = doll height in inches
Size no. 4/0 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 1/2a 7a 8 9 10a 12 15
Inches 13 15 16 18 20 55 23 24 25 26 27 29 30 34

Bergmann doll marks and doll mold numbers:
A.M.C.M.B. (Armand Marseilles head)
A.M. Columbia C.M. Bergmann
C.M. Bergmann 1916 Waltershausen, size #
C.M. Bergmann BBI Germany
C.M.B. Simon & Halbig Eleonore
Cinderella Baby
Halbig C.M. Bergmann S & H
Simon & Halbig 612 C.M. Bergmann
S & H C.M.B. (Simon & Halbig head)
S & H 1280 Columbia

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