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In 1907 the Big Bang Cannon was invented by William Studdards Franklin. He was a physics professor at Leghight Universituy in Bethlehem, PA. The physic professor James Hunter Wily foundet the company which manufactured the cannons. The first was patented as the "GAS Gun" with the patent number 874.952.
In 1912 the Gas Cannon Company was formed to manufacture and sell the cannons.
In 1916 the name changed to the Toy Cannon Works.
In 1925 the name changed to The Conestoga Company whicht it remains till today.
James Hunter Wily was the founder and owner until 1955.
In the late 1970's the company was sold to Ercole Spinosa who lead the company with his son David.
The Original cannon was made from glass to show how safe the ignition was. But later they were made of cast iron and they haven't changed much since they were first manufactured.
From 1916 to 1934 they produced solid brass field cannons.
In 1958 the Green Military cannons were introduced with rubber wheels.

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