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Company history and description of the company C. Cretors & Co. Of Chicago

2/12/1885 founded by Charles Cretors . He opened a store in Decatur (Ill.) , where sweets are made ??in the window so that passers-by can see how the products they buy are made . He buys a steam-powered peanut roaster. He is disappointed with his purchase and sets out to produce a better product. Soon he moved to Chicago, where he hopes for an economic success. He acquires a sales permit and introduces its new roasting machine on the sidewalk in front of his business. Soon after the connection is established with JM Savage, a traveling businessman who offers himself , the roasted peanuts to sell there, giving the company " " C. Cretors & Co. " - .
To 1893 Cretors creates a steam-powered machine 12 pounds of peanuts, can produce 20 pounds of coffee and popcorn.
1893 Charles Cretors Popcorn shows his steam-powered car at the Columbian Exhibition in Chicag
1900 By 1900, Cretors introduces his horse - drawn popcorn wagon. At this time also electrically operated popcorn machines are introduced.
22.11.1929 The last steam-powered " Earnmore Popper " Popcorn machine is sold.
1934 John Charles Cretors enters as the third generation in the company

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