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Company history and description of the company Markes & Co. KG Lüdenscheid Germany (DUX).

1904 the company was founded as Markes & Co. KG i in Küdenscheid factory of technical Toys.
1916 items were produced as contract manufacturing for the Stable-metal construction of Walther & Co.
1932 began the production of DUX car-, -plane and -universal metal kits for statics and mechanics
1935 began the history of cinema, optical toys with moving images
approx 1948 to 1965 the Pitt-metal construction kits were produced
1962 started the production of the plastic kit DUX-Technic with snap fasteners
From 1964 there is the Volkswagen Car DUX modular
1982, the toy production was terminated
material: steel
surface: painted color
hole arrangement: single row
hole spacing: 15 mm
hole diameter: 3.3 mm
screw thread: Dux screws


DUX auf stilisierter Schwalbe in einem Kreis, ab 1932

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