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Company history and description of the company Dejou, Frankreich

In 1872 the company Dejou-Féniès & Fils & Lartique started to produce wooden furniture.
In 1835 the began to produce wooden toys. For Christmas, trucks, cranes, tractors, etc., were made??
in 1940 they started the production of two oxen-drawn wagon the first time, who founded the success for about 30 years.. There are more than 100 different types of wooden toys made as trucks, cranes, trains, tractors, furniture for dolls, etc. Most of the toys were delivered disassembled, waxed wood and ocker, mahogany color, carmine red or black in color. The assembly was simple screws.
1960 came to the wood some aluminum parts for radiator, grille, etc. added.
1985 the production was stopped because of the increasingly emerging plastic.

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