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Company history and description of the company Dent Hardware Co., Fullerton, Pennsylvania, USA

the company was founded 1895 by Henry H. Dent with four more partners. They produced Iron- and Alimunium transportation toys and saving-cans. Popolar toys were ?Pioneer?, fire departments, Ford Tri-Motors and tall ladder toys.
1937 the production was employed.
The Newhards were the original partners with the Dent family (the Dents ran the foundry and the Newhards were the sales people). During the mid-20th century the Dent family sold their share of the business to the Newhards who continued to run the business until the 1970s. At the Newhard house were many original toys and memorabilia from the Dent Foundry and in September 1992 the Henry Newhard Estate was sold by Pennypackers Auction Centre.

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