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History of Dinky Toys
1933 the Dinky Toys were created in England. The first models were roadsters, sports cars and other sedans in scale 1:43.
1934 Dinky Toys were produced in France in the English style. The cars were produced in scale 1:43,5 (analogous to the railroad track 0 ).
The first fully independent Dinky Toys are manufactured in France , the Peugeot 402 in the civil and tax - version and the Simca 5
Until 1960 the Dinky Toys brand had huge success. Competitors goods Solido Norev in France and Corgi Toys in England, in 1964 the company acquired the name but Triang Dinky Toys maintained .
1971, the repurchase of Airfix kit and the production of models in 1:25 .
1972 was the production of Dinky Toys set with the closure of the plant in Bobigny .
In 1974, the production of Dinky Toys was set with the closure of the plant in Bobigny .
In 1986 Matchbox took over Dinky

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