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y Johann Distler KG , Nuremberg , Germany |
1895 foundet Johann Distler in Nuremberg the metal goods factory Johann Distler KG . Up to 1 World War the produced mainly Penny Toys which were mainly sold ??via wholesalers such as Moses Kohnstam After the war, also airplanes and mechanical figures came into the program.
1920-1936 The company reached 120 employees and produced over 800 articles . In addition to mainly cars they produced also airplanes and mechanical figures.
1936 Ernst Voekl took over the company of the Jewish Johann Distler and in April 1938 yet the company Trix . Since the range of the two companies is very different, Distler produced mainly tin toys , tin vehicles and railways for department stores and mail order companies, while Trix produced higher Railways of the tracks 00/H0 and N and the metal kits.
In the 1950s Distler tied with the "Porsche 7500" again to the pre-war success.
1958 the production of the track 0 was closed in favor of H0 - battery train, set with 3 volt battery power . Whether the rails were bought from Trix or Fleischmann is not yet clear.
1962, the production was stopped and the tools sold to Belgium where some models like the aforementioned Porsche and some HO models were continued to be produced.
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