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Company history and description of the company Doll & C0 in Deutschland

On 12.19.1898 the company "Doll & C0" was founded by the plumber Karl Doll and the merchant Isaac Sondhelm and started to produce mainly simple steam engines and operating models . They tried searching the superior quality apart from the competition and no other company produced as many operating models .
1909 Peter Doll left the firm and Sondhelm became the sole owner .
01/01/2911 Max Ben became additional partners .
On 22/03/1923 was the conversion of general partnership into a limited company .
1927 the chief engineer Reichel was taken over by the troubled company Bing. He began with the production of steam railways in gauge 0 ; later Eelectric railways were produced. There was only developed one single spirit - type locomotive .
1930 hey had approximately 150 employees.
1933, the company was renamed "Fränkische Metallspiewaren AG" in order to escape the Nazi expropriation.
1938 the company was taken over by Fleischmann , but further used the name Doll .
The Doll railroad became in 1949 the Fleischmann DC rail 0 gauge which was then replaced in 1958 by the H0 .
The steam engines were sold under the name Doll up to 1949, and sold from 1950 as Fleischmann and from 1969 were no longer in the catalog.


1898-1936 intertwined DC in a semicircle, including MADE IN GERMANY
ca. 1935-1938

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